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Management fishing ground in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture

open6:00 crosed21:00
Starting April 20th, business hours will be from 6am.

Trout season until April 14th (Sun)
We will be closed for 5 days from April 15th (Monday) to April 19th (Friday) due to replacement work.

Fish species released during bass season
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You can catch the world's big fish!
Japan's only fishing area

A 3-day weekend packed with events!

Every day of this upcoming three-day weekend is going to be amazing!
Murray cod will be released for three consecutive days!!

>≫For reference on how to aim!≪

Limited commemorative summer campaign!!
Get an original MAV keychain!

The first summer campaign!

Take a short rest during the hot day and play hard until the night games!
You can also enjoy a relaxing nap after a day trip to a hot spring!
≫Nearby day spas and play areas≪

Australian monster! Murray cod imported again!
The import status has been updated on the blog!

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=under pond=

This area has a variety of fish species including bass, stripers, trout, and catfish. The average size of buses is large in the area
Catch and release only
 =main pond=

The main area of our area! We stock bass and stripers of various sizes and create ponds that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.
Catch and release only
=river pond=

A pond dedicated to stripers! Stripers are finicky fish, but if you target them well, you can have a fight like a dream!

Catch and release only
 =sight pond=

A pond with a pristine natural feel, commonly known as "Wild Pond". Bass fishers can enjoy this area as a bass area.

Catch and release only

Event Calendar

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If you catch 3 types of fish in one day, you will receive a commemorative sticker!
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Our area has been selected as Nogizaka46 Hitorisama Heaven official store!
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New coronavirus that has not yet come to an endThere is also information that the spread of infection is spreading.

In this area, we will continue to implement infection control measures,
so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
In this area, we ask for your cooperation in taking photos in order to convey information to more customers via blogs, SNS, etc. If you are unable to take pictures due to circumstances, please contact the staff.
Please bring something that can prove your birthday when you visit. Friends will get a discount if you pay in bulk with the birthday person. Be sure to ask your friends. (Entering with people you do not know is prohibited. If fraud is discovered, the discount will be invalidated.)

Double points every Thursday!
Enjoy it even if it looks like it's going to rain!
Photography is also welcome! We will support the shooting.

We also accept reservations!

~Request to customers visiting this area~

Thank you for always using our area.

In this area, we will draw white lines around the fishing seats to make it easier for each customer to see where they are fishing.

 There may be times when it gets crowded, especially on weekends and holidays.
During this time, our staff will be careful to ensure that there are no problems or unpleasant feelings between customers, but we ask for your cooperation in the following matters.

①  When you enter the fishing seat, please be sure to say something like "Are you okay next to me?" so that we can both fish comfortably.
②  If you take a place to leave your tools and move them to another location, other customers may not be able to enter that area, or the tools may fall over, causing inconvenience to other customers, so please be careful when moving. In such cases, please be sure to carry your luggage from that location.
③  There are many beginners and children in this area, so please be sure to check behind you and to the left and right when you cast.
④  If our staff observes any behavior that may cause inconvenience to other guests, we may issue a warning. I would appreciate it if you could listen to the staff in that case.
⑤  Staff members will be careful when patrolling the area, but if you notice any customers acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable while fishing, please notify the staff immediately. We will respond promptly.
Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy fishing.

Morning admission rules change.

Waiting in line before ticketing
It is now possible to wait in line with your luggage.

✳️Waiting before ticket issuance will be the order of the customer who arranged the luggage.

Waiting in line with luggage is one person(1 family)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

 ⚠️Please manage your luggage by yourself.
We are not responsible for any theft etc.

Please wait in line from 0:00 am.



About Miyagi Angler's Village security system
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Based on the Act on Specified Alien Species enacted in 2005, we have the Ministry of the Environment and the Fisheries Agency from Kasumigaseki check the entire facility and evaluate that it meets the legal standards. I have obtained.

This area is fully equipped with an AED in case of emergency. Our staff are also trained in first aid. In addition, there is a fire station about 3 minutes from this area, so we are always trying to protect the lives of customers who can be placed in an emergency, such as the arrival of an ambulance and transportation to a hospital quickly.


Youtube of black bass legend “Hiro Naito”
MAV was introduced in “Heroism”! !

Hiro Naito is the younger brother of Chiaki Mukai, the first Japanese female astronaut. He lives in Florida and is known as a lure fishing expert. He also has a background in providing on-site support for an experiment on the backlight characteristics of carp, one of the Space Shuttle experiments in which Chiaki Mukai participated.

At our meeting on the last day of bus season This is a video of the Shimoike showdown between Mr. Hata and Mrs. Sena!

MAV can use various payment methods when purchasing tickets!
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